En måned

Det har gått en måned nå. En måned med frustrasjoner, en måned med motløshet, en måned med lettelser, en måned med skyldfølelser, en måned med sorg, en måned med gleder, en måned på en helvetes berg og dalbane av følelser. Skyldfølelse over mange sære ting. Skyldfølelse over lettelsen av at terroristen var like norsk som […]

What scares me now

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This post was originally written in Norwegian, but upon request (hi, mum!), I’ve decided to translate it into English. One man has tore a hole in my city. One man has put a huge amount of good youths in life threatening danger and killed way too many of them. One man. One man is putting […]


I feel bad for the first post in nearly a year being about the pain I and my country are feeling, but these words needs to get out, and using my second language for it gives me the distance I need right now. On Friday, when I came home from work, it was to the […]