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The bookcase updated: Tetris!

It works! Mostly. There’s still some stuff to iron out, but it works! And it’s playable! And a bit weird, seeing as the grid is 14×9 instead of the original 10×20. But is works! In other words: It’s expanding! I’m still happy he proposed to me using snake, though.

English The bookshelf

The bookcase that went viral

This is not the post I had planned on writing about our bookshelf. I had planned on writing about how we went to look at this flat just for fun and, you know, scope out the neighbours. I was going to write about how, when we entered the living room, I looked at the wall […]

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Exile, vilify – fin musikk til å roe ned før helga

Jeg? Glad i Portal? Aldri hørt om. Låta er bra. Videoen er fin. Jeg har veldig lyst på companion cube-puta Chell går og dytter rundt på. Jeg kan sikkert rydde plass et sted.