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Anna Akana on how to avoid rape

So, this video is raging around the internet right now, and for good reason. Just watch it. You probably have three minutes now anyway, so just do it. And now that you’ve watched it: Can we please stop with the victim-blaming, please? Pretty please? I know people mean well. I know they don’t necessarily mean

It’s not perfect, but it’s mine

I discovered this song via The Bloggess. A song about that feeling we get some times, as Tim Minchin says. When you feel like you’re the smallest doll in a babushka doll. Anyways, I kinda needed it now. Maybe you do to? This is my brain, and it’s fine. It’s where I spend the vast

Daft Cube

Since my last post were about Daft Hands, and my boyfriend just sent me this video, I’ll just let myself post the same song twice in a row. But seriously, this guy does some cool stuff with his rubics cube. Check it out!

Oslo is definitely my town

I found this video via Stakkars Oss – an image blog showing the beauty of Oslo, this city everyone loves to hate. The city with nothing but cold people and concrete streets, with no redeeming factor. Yeah, right. “Stakkars Oss” is an expression meaning “feel sorry for us”, and highlights what people in Oslo loves

5 minutes of inspiration to you

Some days just needs that extra bit of energy. Today is one of them. Luckily, I found this Ted-talk from Drew Dudley, that he held on a Tedx-event in Toronto on everyday leadership. He talks about how we should embrace the small things we do that has an impact on others. Those things you do

Lift me up (higher now, Ama)

Every now and then I decide I kinda actually like some of the music I’ve heard of a band and that I really should’ve started listening to them sooner. Moby is one of them. It started in the record shop. I suddenly got the urge to buy a Moby album, but which one? As usual