Why you should get your boobs fitted properly

Yes, I said boobs. I decided I’d think a bit loud when it comes to the whole speaking at Dare-thing, so I’m just going to go through all the scary shit I’ve done, one at a time. Todays topic, my dear friends: Boobs. Yes.



There some things all women over a certain size know. The value of a proper bra. Most of us knows we really should go to a fitting and get our proper size, and some of us know we’re probably wearing the wrong size. What’s worse – some of the stores offering a fitting will only look for your size in the bras they stock. If you’re too large chested for, let’s say Change, you’ll walk out with nothing or a wrong size. Me? I walked out with a 36D. A year later I went to a more expensive shop. 32E. A week ago I was in London and went into a Bravissimo. 30G. Of all of those, the latter ones are the ones with the best fit.

Why is this important, you say? If you’re a girl, have you ever had that experience where you feel you have to hold your boobs when running to catch a bus? Or just not gone running/working out because it kinda hurts? Or avoided doing fun stuff like going on a rollercoaster or a trampoline? Or are you maybe suffering from mysterious back pain? These are all symptoms of you not wearing the right size for you.

I’ve known this about myself for a good while, but damn, going into a store saying «could you please look at my boobs telling me what to wear?» is scary. In a lot of stores, there’ll be a stern old lady with a measuring tape, only bringing you «sensible» bras. I’m 27. Why would I be wearing something that looks like it belongs to my late great grandmother? Why can’t I wear sexy lingerie? And what about all those other young people? Those with bigger boobs than me? I know there are plenty of them.


See, being curvy makes a lot of people feel fat. They are not, but they still feel that way. The main issue there is regular store stocking stupid made sizes, so you’ll have to go up a size or two. The result? An otherwise pretty top that makes it look like you don’t have a waist. Having a bra that doesn’t support you properly doesn’t help.

So how do you fix that whole body image thing? Get the proper size for things. And find a place that doesn’t scare you too much to go look for it.

Now, for a part here, this might seem like an ad for Bravissimo, but they’re not paying me for this. I’m just a very happy customer. I’ve had a feeling for quite some time now that being in pain while working out isn’t quite right. At least not when it’s not muscular. For some years I’ve heard friends of mine say a lot of good things about Bravissimo, so when I realised there was one right around the corner from our hotel last time I was in London, I had to go.

I came into their dressing room a bit embarassed. Here I am, don’t even quite know what size I’m wearing right now. All I know is that it’s probably wrong. All round the shop there are posters up with «boob faux pas» from their boob school. I can tell from the posters that what I’m wearing right now makes me guilty of at least 3 out of 7. Well, crap. They’re probably gonna go tell me all I’m doing wrong and blablabla.

So I get into a dressing room, get introduced to my fitter for today who tells me they don’t really believe in using measuring tape at bravissimo, since there are plenty of other things that might affect the size even if you measure as good as you can. She continues to ask what size I’m wearing right now («I have no idea, is the size still visible on the label?») and makes an assessment of what is wrong. All the time she’s explaining her reasoning and showing the signs she’s looking for and what other things might be a sign of a wrong sized bra.

This could really be an awkward session, and it has every reason to be, but somehow it isn’t. I hear from the dressing rooms around me that the language from the staff, including my fitter, is fun and loose. They take boobs seriously, but with a glimpse in the eye. Boobs should be fun, and finding a bra that gives you a nice rack should definitely be a fun experience!

From the stall next to me I suddenly hear «But…I thought I was FAT! THANK YOU!» That, coupled with a just as enthustiastic «I KNEW IT!» from the fitter made me smile. THAT’s the kind of thing you want.

See, body image is a delicate thing. I bet all people feel disappointed with some part of themselves from time to time. When you look at yourself in the mirror and you see something saggy there, a bulge over here and everything’s just a bit … bleh. That goes with anything. And then people starts hooking sizes to emotions, with much help from high street chain stores. There are some of us who simply can’t find our size in the massive chains. Especially not when it comes to underwear. A lot of us stil try, though. I mean, clothes are pretty expensive and those mass-producing people are a bit cheap, at least.


Well done, you awkwardly sizing chains.

Well, enough complaining about shit. My talk at Dare will be about identifying problems and fixing them. After that, you try to find out what effect you’ve had. Here goes.


Backpains; jiggly boobs while running, jumping, doing anything slightly bumpy.


Go get a proper, supportive bra.


Still have some backpains, but the back is way better. After buying a proper sports bra and some others for daily wear, I feel great! I can jump on trampolines! Yay! Will probably have to work our some more to get my back in shape, but that’ll be way better now, I bet. And also, my posture is fine again! I don’t slouch as much any more!

All in all?

If you have a problem relating to your body size, do something about it. Work out if you feel you need it (or just to stay fit – it’s good for you anyway). Eat healthy and get clothes that fit. Go to places that knows about these things. A proper bra is expensive (more so in Norway, where I live), but totally worth it.

And to you guys stocking clothes: Please make stuff for busty girls as well! I don’t want to have to decide between something my boobs are threatening to burst out of or something that’ll hang too loose around my waist. I know there are several of us. We would like trendy, cute outfits too. Please? Pretty please?

Nadia out

Nadia out

Ohh, and if you’re Norwegian and want to save some bucks on a proper, supporting bra? Go to Bravissimo next time you’re in UK. They are about half price or a bit less compared to what I’m used to paying in high quality-stores in Norway, and they mostly stock the same brands. I’ve been to the one by Covent Garden and the one by Oxford Circus in London, and both of them have great people working there.

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  1. I have some friends with epic boobs. They too didn’t wear the correct bra size, then discovered that the C cup they were jamming those bazookas into actually should have been a DD cup. Unsurprisingly, they looked a lot prettier afterwards too since they weren’t mangling them into a weird shape.

    After having a few friends go through this experience, I mentioned what had happened to these girls to a much younger friend of mine. She wouldn’t let me go with her, but she did eventually go to a bra fitting and was super duper happy afterwards. She went from a B cup to a EE cup! Oh, and she looks smoking hot in skimpy outfits now 🙂

    1. That’s so great! I wore 75b/c for a long while, thinking that was appropriate, then up to 80b because someone said «if it doesn’t fit, you’re probably wider now».

      15 cm is quite a lot, and apparently being a G cup, it’s no wonder my backs been hurting, my posture been bad and my boobs sagging. I can stand upright 😀 I look perky again! Yay!

      1. Woohoo!

        I have a friend who ended up having bras imported from Australia specially tailored to her. She was/is a competitive tennis player, and with a pair of EE’s, she needed some serious support to deal with all the bouncing around she did on the tennis court. They cost a fortune but she declared they were well worth the investment.

        My friend Cassienne sized me up for a bra once. She determined that I was almost ready for a training bra, but that she didn’t know of any bras which would look good with chest hair, so we decided it was best that I stuck with going freestyle for the mean time.

        1. Eeep! Importing stuff like that is expensive! Especially in Norway. No tax on regular clothing, just the mva. Bras on the other hand? Luxurytax. Go figure.

          I got a great sportsbra from Panache when I went to Bravissimo. Good enough for derby and trampolines 😀

          If you need one, a good bra is definitely worth it.

          I’d love seeing you in one, though ;D

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