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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In January, I was fairly active on this site called formspring. You get questions and answer the ones you want to. Kinda like an external FAQ.

I should say, though, that I’m no expert when it comes to Haikus. As should probably be obvious to anyone who knows jack shit about them.

So, I’m on formspring. Someone asked me this questionSuppose that a velociraptor riding a hoverboard is coming straight towards you. Briefly describe how you will survive, preferably in the form of a haiku.

This was a challenge I took straight away, so I replied:
fast running
no more
slaughterhouse disco

Now, some of my formspring replied feeds to twitter, if I want them to. So I let it. It didn’t take too long before I got a reply, which ended in some kind of a haiku epos about evading raptors. Enjoy:

hastarheim: Velociraptors; only kills if they smell fear; do not be be afraid

nakrissimo: Great defense; a bazooka; offence works too

hastarheim: opposition strong; you may need help from a friend; call cthulhu

nakrissimo: sleepers lie; may not wake for long; what then?

hastarheim: despair looms; ninja has been eaten; enter the pirate

nakrissimo: panic is near; will pirate suffice? Time will show

hastarheim: blood on the cutlass; ancient terror on the ground; wind the only sound

nakrissimo: silence; terror is dead; is it really gone?

hastarheim: comes a slight shiver; mouth opens slowly, bares teeth; shouldn’t have turned our backs

nakrissimo: glimpse of light; many screaming babies; sea of flesh

hastarheim: haiku marathon; raptor has no sense of poetry; succumbs to boredom 😉


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