Princess? Who?

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Three years ago, I wrote/made this:

I’ve come a long way since then. I started wearing more skirts, and now I have two pairs of trousers wearable in public. Neither of them are any kind of favourite (I had to throw those trousers away because of disintegration). I mostly wear skirts and my selection of make up has grown remarkably. I’ve become more of a girl, but I still feel alien amongst other girls.

The funniest result of my change in wardrobe and accessories of various sorts comes from my family. The same people who complained for years about me not dressing like a «proper person». Now they ask me why I’m «allways so dressed up». I guess there’s no pleasing anyone, eh?

Today is a rainy Monday, but somewhere the sun is shining. It allways is.

  • What do people have against dressing properly?

  • I guess it might have something to do with small places like the whole area I’m from. A good example here is a trip to the cinema in Vikersund (who are famous for ski-jumping, and otherwise offer nothing at all). My green mini-dress, white leggings and black/white polkadot open toe stillettoes with a pretty bow were «too much». I got stares and snide remarks all the time whilst in public. Two days later in Oslo, I wore the exact same outfit to go food shopping, and no one noticed.

    Even my most casual dress is nearly «too dressed up» for a birthday party for my cousin.

    I blame Jante.

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