Ways to survive relocating to a bigger city

Ok, I admit it, I’m a lister. And in these hectic days of moving to Oslo, starting a new job and stuff, there’s definitely things to do to make life in a new place a bit easier. At least for me.

  • Make a wishlist for stuff you need/want for your apartment (mine mostly consists of furniture and gollywogs now).
  • Go to a concert with a band you’ve hardly heard of before (White Lord Jesus turned out to be an amazing surprise AND I got a free CD).
  • Bring extra shoes everywhere, especially if your primary pair is slightly uncomfortable after a couple hours on your feet. Chances are you’ll walk a lot.
  • Invite people over for food, even if you have to sit on the floor. Floor just adds to the charm.
  • Eat something new, try new places, explore your culinary taste. You’ll probably find out about food you didn’t know you liked.
  • Bring a book in your bag. You never know if you’ll be sitting down for ages, or if you’ll need a break. Books tend to shorten down on the boredom scale.
  • Learn the shortest route home from as many places as possible, and know where the nearest bus/tram stops and where it goes.
  • Dress in new ways. No one knows you, they might not recognise you again and you just might find a new style to wear. Experiment!
  • Work out. You’ll feel better and you might actually get to know someone while you’re at it.
  • If all else fails: Turn your stereo on full blast and dance around your apartment. Who cares if you feel silly? Pull your curtains shut and dance naked if you feel like it!

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